Read here about the first weeks of my mysterious search..

26 nov 2013 - First attempt to make some art-work.

25 nov 2013 - Reading my books I ordered. The name Mittenwald occurs a lot times.

24 nov 2013 - Today the show of Leon. (The tickets in the house, but no show for me today..)

23 nov 2013 - More lyrics and poems to come.

22 nov 2013 - And I found another one...

17 nov 2013 - Writing for hours to create the libretto. And I found on Ebay an old picture of the military Compound.

16 nov 2013 - More songs selected for the opera, Crystals... And ordered two history books online.

15 nov 2013 - Played a few notes on my new Seven string Violtar.

14 nov 2013 - Up to the library finding books about gold and diamonds.

13 nov 2013 - And the first lyrics of the opera ready KWK. Where can I find Till Lindemann?

12 nov 2013 - Booking of a room in Mittenwald.

11 nov 2013 - And in the evening, I visited a small company who sells scans and metal detectors.

11 nov 2013 - The domain names TEARS OF THE WOLF claimed.

09 nov 2013 - The idea of the writing the rock opera started.

04 nov 2013 - Again email from leon, he asks me for his final show in Utrecht.                                    I'm always in for creative events, but this time I passed and wished him all the best.

03 nov 2013 - Email from Leon Giessen, he's diappointed but still believe in his theory.

30 oct 2013 - There is nothing but a stone beneath the Wörnerstrasse. (I think it's an old Wehrmacht stone).

29 oct 2013 - Again a video shooting to tell my ideas, and thoughts about meeting Leon to tell him about my ideas.

27 oct 2013 - From my kids I receiced real gold in a bottle..

24 oct 2013 - my birthday  

22 oct 2013 - Today again a video shoot to tell my findings and ideas about the music score.

21 oct 2013 - Today I received my first registration.

20 oct 2013 - Treasure email from Leon; Official digging permission at the Wörnerstrasse.

18 oct 2013 - A video diary was made and the first BROA registration of my theory.

17 oct 2013 - My first registration of my solution of the code.

16 oct 2013 - I called my adviser to tell him my findings for the first time.

14 oct 2013 - Treasure mail from leon; He wrote he finally got the permission to dig at the Wörnerstrasse.

6 oct 2013 - Today I received an "treasure" email from Leon, with the RAF picture of Mittenwald surroundings, I first saw durong his reading in Utrecht. I tried to understand his measurents of the code, but how many times I tried, it didn't match to my calculations. So I started to study the music score a new and tried to find new answers.

29 sept 2013 - I found on the internet a train ticket with the same Gold Mark M also on the music score. I couldn't resist to send Leon an email. (I didn'y received a bad)

26 sept 2013 - I wrote Leon an email to say thanks..

22 sept 2013 - Today I found my name and picture in the mailing of Leon Giesen. What a suprise!

21 sept 2013 - In the evening playing some bowling with my friends and I noticed the Elgaz sign is on the screen.

21 sept 2013 - It seems women are much smarder and more succesful in finding treasures ;-))

20 sept 2013 - My own rehearsal of finding the treasure with my WD-friends during a business trip in Hilfeld-Germany.      

16 sept 2013 - Again "De wereld draait door" with the results of the drillings at the Wörnerstrasse.

12 sept 2013 - Donating my digging ticket (schatkaartje) for Leon's theory. (this same day they were busy at the Wörnerstrasse)

10 sept 2013 - First attempt of treasure hunting with a good friend.

8 sept 2013 - Sunday afternoon in Utrecht; I witnessed the lecture of Leon Giesen. And I gave him a bunch of lucky goldbars from China to wish him luck during his digging.

5 sept 2013 - I've downloaded the manuscript and ordered the book of Karl Hammer.

4 sept 2013 - I saw the television programm "De wereld draait door" talking about my village of violins.

4 sept 2013 - I saw the television programm "De wereld draait door" talking about my village of violins.